Healthy Changes

So tomorrow will be a full week of my new diet I have started, I went to see the health trainer at my GP last week as I decided I wasn't comfortable with myself anymore, after having two children I just feel flumpy and tired all the time, I also started getting chest pains so I was hoping losing a bit of weight would help them stop.
Anyway, I saw the health trainer, she was slightly annoying, she kept saying the word 'fabulous' a lot, she weighed me, I almost cried, and went through loads of questions and stuff.
I now have small goals, like to lose at least 2 pounds a week and go from there, we haven't set the goals too high because otherwise I might get upset if I don't reach them.
I'm also only allowed 600 calories for my main meal, so I don't really eat during the day at the moment, I get cold a lot but the hunger pains have gone now really, I drink plenty of water.
For a 600 calorie meal I can eat all of this;

I'm sort of dreading my weigh in tomorrow, what happens if I haven't lost anything? I've been so good at counting every calorie that goes inside me! I have a fantastic app called MyFitnessPal which has pretty much every food on the planet on it! It's quite cool because I get to scan barcodes and stuff!
If I haven't lost anything I will be upset, but I'd like to think I have lost something, even if I have lost 1 pound, this is a pound of fat;

So even losing that would be a great start!
I now have my exercise bike back (was at someone I very much dislike now, will go into it in a moment mothers house), I'm going to aim to use it at least once a day for half an hour!

My new sling bag arrived the other day too, it's lovely, just the right size for my purse, phone and keys and clips onto our sling lovely!

Today is Robert's mothers birthday, we shall be popping over this evening with her presents and cards.
Eppy had her 1st year injections today, daddy took the morning off work to come with us because although I know the injections are needed, it's horrible to pin down the children to have them, and then the cry afterwards makes me cry and it just becomes a sobbing mess, Eppy was very brave today and had all 3, I was very proud, she had her blanky, dummy and toy Snufkin to comfort her too along with daddy =]

Home schooling is going sort of well at the moment, we're focusing more on reading at the moment as that's what Edward enjoys doing the most, but we did have some fun with messy paints a few days ago;

Also, I recently found out an ex friend of mine has abandoned her child and is now moving away with her boyfriend she barely knows.
She's left her son with her mother, her 3 year old little boy.
I spoke to one of her sisters about it and it was a huge shock to everyone, I honestly feel like I never knew this woman, because I don't know what sane, loving parent would do that to their own child, especially at the age of 3 when a child needs you even more as they are going through such massive changes in their lives.
How could you give up your own child that you carried for 9 months just for some guy? How could you do that? I guess some people are just not cut out to be parents, it's sickening really, I feel so sorry for that little boy, I know he is happy and loves his grandma, but a child needs their mother. I'm not one to wish bad things on other people, but I really hope she wakes up one morning regretting everything and realises she has lost the most important person in her life.
As for her boyfriend who gave me a lot of stick for home schooling my children saying it was 'child abuse', he decided he was going to tweet me and harass me over Twitter whilst I was at my uncles funeral yesterday, he's a disgusting creature who deserves to be locked up for ruining a family. I reported him to the police and if he contacts me again he'll be in trouble =] I also reported him and his girlfriend to benefit fraud, just incase.
I know my lovely readers support attachment parenting completely and home schooling, so it's always nice to know when people are on your side =] plus I posted his comments on the Home Schooling UK board and they all agreed he's a total headcase hahaha.
As I mentioned above yesterday Robert, mum and I went to my uncles funeral, he was my mother's twin, it was a very emotional farewell, but they tried to make it as cheerful as possible. We didn't go to the wake, didn't really feel like it afterwards.
Money is quite tight at the moment in the family, but I am meeting Whitney for lunch this weekend in Norwich, the good thing about this diet is that I can still eat a 600 calorie meal a day, so it doesn't stop me socialising.
Whitney and I are also joining our friends Gaz and Nimmy for a night out at the Waterfront in Norwich soon for a pirate night, usually I don't do the whole drinking thing anymore, but I figured with Robert watching the children it should be ok just the once =] it has been a very long time since I've gone out drinking! I doubt I will have much, I have to sleep downstairs when I get home too as I can't co sleep with Eppy after drinking, but it's ok =]
I'm looking forward to dressing up too! Been so long since I got my gladrags on!
So yeah, that's about it really lately, hope you're all good!