Oh Wow!


So I've spent some time this afternoon changing over my blog and creating this one.
I used to use Webs but it's just gotten really silly now as it wants you to pay for most things,
BlogSpot on the other hand is so much more easier to use and I don't need to pay for anything at the moment, so I think I will be sticking with this one.
I've had to move all my previous posts (which was a lot less than I first thought!) over to this blog, so it kind of looks like I've written everything in one day, but I haven't, I might go add the dates they were written at the bottom of the blogs just incase people think I'm mad!

I think this template will be temporally for now, I don't have a lot of time during the day to faff about with resizing and changing the pictures etc, so bare with me, this blog is going to change around a fair bit over the next month I imagine.

The past couple of days have been a bit busy and according to my Filofax this week is also going to be quite busy.

Saturday I went to Norwich and met up with my best friend Whitney, we decided to have a liquid lunch, now although I'm on a diet I thought a couple of drinks won't hurt, besides, I know how many calories would be in my strawberry daiquiris (250 each if you really want to know), I haven't really gone out drinking for a long time, not for over a year anyway, I was a bit paranoid on how much of a lightweight I would be but it turned out I wasn't too bad!
During our catch up I pulled out one of my cloth sanitary pads to show Whitney as I did say to her last time I saw her that I would show her one when I next had one on me.
She took one look and burst into laughter!
Then I started laughing!
Then she dropped her wine glass and smashed it all over the bloody table!
Glass and wine everywhere! The staff were very nice and brought over a new drink and cleaned up most of the glass, I say most because by the end of the afternoon I managed to cut my hand on a bit.

We've agreed if I get a sewing machine for Christmas (here's hoping!) I will make her some and she can choose her own fabric etc.
Let's bare in mind I've never used a sewing machine and I was kicked out of home tech in middle school, so she will be my test subject!

After my 3 lovely, expensive (£7.25 each), tasty drinks we then got up and went and did some window shopping, I spotted a purse I really loved in Primark (don't judge me! we're broke!) but the lines were too long for me to stand and wait, we did look around some other shops for another purse but I didn't really find any liked.
We then said goodbye at the bus station and she tootled off.
I shall be seeing her again on the 8th as we have a night out planned (there's a pirate shin-dig on).

When I got home I was a bit miffed, Robert hadn't really done any housework apart from the washing up, he said 'you should have asked', I don't really believe that's an excuse, I don't wait for him to ask me to do the cleaning when he's at work, I expected him to at least have hoovered, but nope! Didn't even take up the clean laundry like I had asked several times!
I even had to cook the children dinner, with a headache, typical.

We were due a Tesco delivery between 5 & 6pm, it was late by 3 and a half hours!! Christ Robert and I were fuming! Did we even get an apology? No! I tried calling customer services several times but was on hold for like half an hour, eventually I got through to the store and they said that they had had a technical hitch but the van was out, they still couldn't give me a time they were going to arrive though.
Today I did phone up and complain and we got refunded the delivery charge and the charge for our bread as they forgot that.
I think a phone call in the first place really would have been nice, just to let us know they had a problem, what would of happened if we had of had plans for the evening? They would have been ruined. I might go comment on their Facebook page and let them know how upset we were.
Robert and I have actually decided to go to Aldi and Lidl on Saturday to see how cheaper it really is and for a change, I don't think I could handle another Tesco delivery right now.

I forgot to say I had my weigh in with my health trainer and I managed to lose 7 pounds in one week! I was so shocked I sat there and cried! I just hope it keeps falling off, I am already starting to feel better for it, I hope to lose 3 stone by Christmas, so I can go out and buy some new clothes with any Christmas money I get!

On Sunday we went to this play park I always see on the bus as we go to Norwich, it always looked really nice so I wanted to take the children there to play!
It was really lovely and the weather was on our side too, the children loved it and they enjoyed the little picnic I had packed too.
After the park we went and visited Robert's parents, we had a catch up and they told us about their trip to Alton Towers.
I'm still really jealous we didn't get to go, but I guess it's not really practical with two little ones, Edward's too short to go on most things and Eppy would have been bored I imagine, maybe next year!

I probably should now mention that Edward has started preschool again, I decided he can go there till June/July time because of Eppy's high needs, with Eppy being how she is at the moment I can't give Edward the full focus he needs right now, so he can enjoy preschool for a little while longer, it's not like he has to start any work till he's 4/5 anyway. But we still plan to home school and I can still take him into the garage whenever to teach him stuff. The preschool is a bit crazy, when I dropped in unannounced there was a lot of dried rice and pasta on the floor in the messy play area and there was a boy playing ontop of the table, but I sort of like that, the kids just get to play and that's all Edward needs right now.

I got sent a book through the post today called A Baby Wants To Be Carried, I've been sent it to be reviewed for my blog and on Amazon, I'm looking forward to reading it because it's all about the fantastic use of slings and their benefits for children, I've already read a couple of pages and it's already got me hooked!

Tomorrow should be a nice day as I'm seeing my mother and meeting my friend Torii at gymnastics (Edward will be finished at preschool by then), might pop to ASDA or something, no doubt mum would have bought the children muffins, she usually buys them baked goods, though Eppy doesn't eat them because unnatural sugar makes her hyper (I never believed it did make kids hyper till I witnessed Eppy on cake), so Edward and Robert can tuck into those. Although Edward already has some cake in the kitchen which he made the other day (a coffin shaped vanilla cake).

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Here are a few pictures from the past few days!