Our First Day Home Schooling

So yesterday was our first day home educating.
How did it go? I hear you cry!
It was awful.
It started off pretty good, Edward was excited to be in the garage with all the colourful stuff around him and new things for him to see and do, I showed him his new desk but he wanted to sit at the big table, so I let him sit down and I got out a worksheet which he had to copy the lines and practise his handwriting, that went well, he actually did quite well and I think once he learns to hold a pen properly he will get even better.
He got a bit bored after 10 minutes so we moved onto painting, we had a arts and crafts kit which you are supposed to paint rocks, so we got the rocks out and we started painting.
Eppy then decides she's bored so she finds playdough and starts eating it, then she pulls the messy play mat that's on the table off the table so paint almost goes everywhere and then starts screaming at me.
Edward finished painting his rocks, again did quite well at that, we went to wash our hands so we could move onto playing with some Mr. Tumble snap cards.
Eppy was still screaming, I put her in her sling but she still continued to scream.
I took her out of her sling once we'd finished learning the game snap and we got out a floor puzzle.
Eppy then decided she'd try and rip up the puzzle and chew the bits.
Edward started screaming and getting upset.
We then moved onto snap cubes to concentrate on counting, he did really well and managed to count to 30! But then Eppy came along and messed all his cubes up which he'd made into 'trains' and he got upset again.
I think those were the most torturous three hours I've had for a while!
I wasn't expecting a perfect morning, I was just hoping Eppy wouldn't be such a terror.
I thought if she was in her sling she would be ok, she usually is and usually falls asleep.

Eppy then continued to scream the rest of the afternoon until daddy came home.

I was quite a crappy mood last night for a while, it doesn't matter how much comfort I give Eppy sometimes it's just not enough, I don't know what was wrong with her, I had to pin her down with a tight cuddle to get her to have a nap.
I had to deal with her screaming in her sling all the way to town and back too.
I'm in a better mood this morning, I do love my family, but even mums have crappy moods sometimes.
Though we had some lovely news that evening, Sadie (Robert's sister) popped over to announce her engagement to Matt, so we're over the moon for them, their wedding won't be for about 3 years, but we're looking forward to it all the same =]