Toddler Groups

So yesterday I decided to take the children to a toddler group.
Because I was hoping to make new friends, keep the children social and to get out of the house in general.
The group was only a twenty second walk from the house which was handy, it's in our local community center, we got there on time (for once) and Edward ran off to play on the tractor, that tractor would be his for the rest of the session I thought to myself, he loves tractors.
Eppy had a crawl around too.
Robert's cousins also came to the group, I'd only ever met them at family events before, they are nice ladies.
One of his cousins has the smallest little girl I've ever seen! She's perfectly healthy etc, but just so tiny!! Just like a little doll!
I spoke to one of the ladies a bit more because she's decided to use cloth nappies on her new baby, she's got 10 weeks left in her pregnancy. She's also going to be wearing a stretchy sling, which is great, I'm so happy she's not using a BB!
The group was ok. We got a free first session, I didn't like the look of one mum, she wasn't very good with her daughter if I'm honest, it's hard to explain really, it was almost as if she didn't care where or what she was doing, it was like 'oh i'm at a group she will be fine' attitude, she didn't even notice her child had snuck onto the stage area behind the curtains.
There were snacks at the group, fruit, cheese and biscuits, which I wasn't overly happy about, they tried offering Eppy a biscuits even though they could obviously see she's still a baby. Eppy enjoyed the fruit and cheese though and so did Edward.
They were offering bananas too but if you know me, you know we don't do bananas in this family.
I usually don't do toddler groups, the ones in Lowestoft were rubbish, they were too clicky, nobody really talks to each other and they were all just really dull.
Yesterday's group was alright, I probably will take the children again just because it's down the road and they get to see family each time.
I don't think Edward really played with any children at the group because he was obsessing over the tractor, maybe as he goes more often he'll get used to the other children and he will play more.
After the group we went to town and I had a look around some charity shops, I had a look at the clothes, found a nice grey cardigan for myself, there wasn't many children clothes anywhere.
We then went to the greengrociers and Edward demanded some more pears, he loves his pears at the moment! The only green food I can get him to eat!
He then had a bit of a melt down in town because we didn't walk the way he wanted to, I don't know where he wanted to walk but it wasn't home.
The rest of the day he was quite grumpy, I don't know why, he wouldn't tell me.
Last night I organised a new hair dresser to come to our home for tonight, my usual one can't do our hair when I want her to, we're having a bit of a family cut, mine, Robert's and Edward's, not Eppy, she hasn't got enough hair to have a trim yet!
I'm not quite sure what we're doing today, thinking about maybe making some savoury cheese muffins, painting and starting the second part of the the 3rd Game of Thrones book, I have a lot of house chores to do too.
Here are some photos from the past day or so;

(We ordered Sadie and Matt a card and brownies to celebrate their engagement =])