You Can Go Punt Yourself

Don't worry, I'm not insulting you, Robert and I were talking about going away during the day sometime in a few weeks so we can have a romantic day and some real one on one time, as you know, it doesn't happen often with two children, I mentioned to him we should go punting in Cambridge on the river and he told me to go punt myself. Don't think he was too keen on the idea do you?
I think maybe we'll going to Blickling Hall or something, they have some nice woods we can go walk around and have a nice lunch or something.

We booked our tickets to take the children to the Fairyland Trust Halloween event, I went a few years ago and it was great apart from the rain and almost drowning in mud.
It's in Holt.
Holt is where Edward's biological dad lives.
Doubt we'll see him though, hopefully.

Today Edward had his first ballet class, we managed to get up and ready in time this morning, I was a bit shocked, I thought it would have been a struggle, nobody likes getting up early on a weekend.
Didn't even get lost driving there! Win!
Edward enjoyed the class, followed the instructions given by the teacher. It wasn't as err, structured as I thought it would have been, there were some ballet moves there, but there was also tap, which I didn't really think that Edward was going to do, but he enjoyed that too, he mixed with the children well, it was a pleasure to watch.
I had to buy him jogging bottoms for the class before I spent out on the proper outfit, first time he's owned jogging bottoms, he's more of a skinny jeans or normal jeans boy. Yes I am a bit snobby when it comes to jogging bottoms, they belong indoors or at the gym, I do not like seeing them being worn outside, I mean, why?
I suppose I better now start looking online and get Edward his costumes, he really loved the ballet shoes he got to wear today haha!

I emailed someone a few days ago about a custom sling bag be made for us, one that we could clip onto the waistband of our sling, it's finally been made along with some new sucky pads, it's finally been made! It looks awesome!! I shall be stalking the postman this week!
Think that's about it for today =]