Manic Painting and Kindness Shiz

Christ today has been manic for me.
I've been doing things I've been putting off for a while because I've been too busy, but I've had to do most things today because tomorrow is the 1st of December! I shipped everyone off to the inlaws so I could get stuff done in peace.

So, what have I done today?

Washed the nappies,
Dried the nappies,
Clean the living room,
Hoover the living room,
Make a Kindness Elf door,
Find our Kindness Elf,
Write a story,
Paint the Christmas decorations,
Wrapped up 24 Christmas books for Advent.

I finally decided I was going to do some elfness in our house, but it's not going to be the normal 'elf on the shelf' crap, forcing kids to be good for presents, it's more about our elf called Frumpkin (a mix between Snufkin and Rumpelstiltskin) who comes to visit and is just basically a cheeky monkey and gets up to all sorts of mischief.
So I've made a little elf door I shall put up on the wall near the skirting board in the living room along with a little elf front door mat too.
I also had to make a kindness elf story book to go along and help tell Edward what he's all about, so in the morning he won't be so confused!
I've planned out each day and what Frumpkin is going to get up to! I'm looking forward to it!

I also painted the salt dough decorations with Robert's help today, I am sort of hoping to get the tree up this evening but I can't see it happening, so I'll have to get the kids to help me tomorrow, I did want to surprise Edward with it but ah well, I need to wait for the decorations to dry anyway!

Robert and I had to dash to Beccles today to go to Tesco as I needed those small green string metal things that hold paper together for my story I wrote and I needed blue and white paint, Robert wasn't overly amused I made him drive there so quick to closing time, but when my mind is set on getting stuff done it needs to be done!

For dinner I made the beef and broccoli meal I put in my meal plan blog, it was really nice, I think I put a little too much chilli in it, but apart from that YUM! I would make that for lunch I imagine, pretty healthy and just tasted so good!

I also wrapped up 24 books for Advent, kind of decided against chocolate advent calendars this year, wanted to do something different, so I bought lots of Christmas stories and wrapped them up and the kids can have one a day until Christmas day ^_^, we can all sit with Frumpkin our elf and read it together.
Great grandma did buy the kids calendars but I'll just take the chocolate out of them and use them for brownies or something =]

So yeah, busy day today! Hopefully not so rushy rushy tomorrow!