My Top 10 Gifts For Christmas!

So I thought I would do a post on my top 10 gifts for Christmas.

This year we haven't bought as much as previous Christmas', I usually go way overboard but this year we are a little tight so I haven't been able to be as extravagant, though I don't mind so much because I just know my mother has ;)

Anyway! Let's start! (These are not in order, I believe every gift is great no matter what expense.)

1: Melissa & Doug Latches Board;

I think this is great for kids who love to fiddle with doors and locks, it says it's for 3+ but I've bought it for Eppy because she just loves getting into things that she probably shouldn't, so I'm hoping that she will enjoy this more! Melissa & Doug stuff is really well made, they focus on wooden toys which are made to last and their stuff is usually very colourful.
This latches board is £19.99 on Amazon at the moment, click here to view it.

2: Gothic Knits

I have bought this for my mother, she is a knitting freak, her house is just full of wool and other crafty things, she's always knitting things for the children too. She's quite an 'alternative' nan, she likes her metal and such. So I figured this would be a great present for her! It's currently £8.69 on Amazon, check it out here.

3: The Addictaball

We have bought this for one of Robert's cousins, this year I was going to make jars with all sorts of stuff in them for people but it just got too stressful trying to sort it out and find time to make them, so we decided we would just buy people random stuff and wing it.
I don't know much about Graham so I got him this on a whim, when it came in the post I just instantly wanted to get it out and play with it, it just looks so annoyingly fun, I hope he'll let me have a go on it next month! It's £7.99 for the small one (the one we got) or you can get a bigger one for £12.99, they are from Firebox, check it out here.

4: Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

This is for Robert's other cousin Jeremy, I've seen it around on the internet a couple of times and always thought 'I need to buy this from someone!' it's a shame Jeremy won't be round over Christmas as he's working odd days so I won't get to see his face when he opens it, but I can still imagine! This is £4.99 and also on Firebox, check it out here.

5: Horror Story Toilet Roll

We bought this for Robert's dad, he's difficult to buy for at the moment, usually we would just buy him sweets, but as he's given up smoking he's asked for no sweets as he would probably stuff them all pretty quick and get super fat, I tried looking for a nice jumper but none were really in our buget range, so what's the next best thing? Loo roll! Everyone needs it! Everyone reads on the toilet! So there you go! He gets a pack of three novels to keep him going! Here's hoping he doesn't get pins and needles! It's £9.99 on Firebox, check it out here.

6: Book of Crap Taxidermy

This is for uncle David, he likes odd stuff (I think, he likes Noel Fielding, need I say more?) so I thought this book was perfect, I had a flick through and it's actually really creepy, I couldn't look at all of it! I always said that when Leo the cat passes away I would have him stuff, but after looking through this, well, it's put me right off! This book is £7.99 from Firebox, click here to check it out!

7: Red Tote Bag

I chose this for my dear friend Whitney, she's been after a big red bag for ages and she really loved the yellow version I bought her last year, so I thought this one would be perfect for her, she did previously mention that she'd love this bag in many colours, so now she's got her wish haha. I've also bought her two albums she wanted, one by Ed Sheeran and one by Sam Smith (I also got a copy as when you order albums from Amazon they give you a free digital copy ;))
This is £15.99 on Amazon at the moment! Click here to check it out!

8: Moomin House & Moomin Finger Puppets

I bought these for Edward & Eppy, they are both OBSESSED with the Moomins at the moment, they seriously can't get enough of them, I had previously bought this set for Skydi's little boy Rowan for Yule last year, I loved it then too, so I'm glad I've finally bought it for my two, now when I bought this I bought it from Zulily, so it was only £9.99 then, but it's currently £20.16 on Amazon, check it out here.

9: Speedy The Flamingo

I LOVE this, I took a video of me pushing it around before I wrapped it, it just makes me laugh so much, I love push along wooden toys, they are so cute! I purchased this for Eppy and from Zulily, but you can also buy this from Amazon for £18.66 (from Zulily it was only £6.99), check it out here on Amazon.

10: Wooden Veg

I bought these for the kids as they are getting a lovely wooden kitchen from my mother this year, so I thought these would go perfectly with it, I'm also hoping if Edward plays with them enough he might actually start wanting to eat them (not the wooden ones the real ones!) I bought these from Zulily for £9.99, but you can get them from Amazon for £9.99, well, you can get similar anyway, check them out here!

So those were my top 10 gifts, check out loads of other stuff on Firebox because they seriously have some really good random stuff on there! So if you're really stuck, that is the place to look! Zulily is good too but you need to check the email that you get every morning at 7am for the good deals as they have new deals every day!