Playing Castles

Yesterday we went on a home education trip to visit the Norwich castle museum, I wasn't too sure if we were going to go at first because Eppy spent most of the night before coughing loads, she sounded so chesty, but I thought we probably should go as I'd never been there before and it would be good for Edward to go and maybe the fresh air would do Eppy some good.
We ended up getting to Norwich an hour early because if we had got a later bus we'd have been late, the lady at the desk at the castle said we could go for a wander around while we wait for everyone to arrive, we didn't even have to pay!
We had a long look around, the taxidermy was, erm, interesting! Some of it was really good, others, err, not so much. The rats were really grose and gave me the heeby jeebies!
I think Edward got a bit over excited at the large spaces there as he kept running around a lot.
I let Eppy out of her sling for a bit but it didn't last long as she kept running off again so she soon went back into her sling.
Eventually an hour past and we met up with the home education families, we walked to the lecture room for the talk on some Celtics (at least that's what I think it was about), I spent most of my time trying to get Eppy out of some chairs that she got stuck between and stopping her put her fingers in plug sockets. In the end I had to drag her and Edward out of the session because they were disrupting the session.
As we were making towards the exit we bumped into our friend and her family, so we went for another walk around the castle and had a look down in the dungeons. We looked at this massive long well and put some money down it and watched it fall, Edward loved that.
Eventually we left and managed to catch a bus home fairly quickly, the bus was quite crowded, had quite a lot of school kids on it.
We finally got home at about 5pm, luckily I had done most of dinner before we left for the bus in the morning, I put a gammon joint in the slow cooker and left it on whilst we were out, so all I had to do was wash up some plates and put the potatoes on.

I think I'd happily take the kids back to the castle, maybe with Robert or Skydi next time, I think it's a really nice place to take the children and it's not expensive when you have to pay, it's a nice place to take the kids if they are bored of shopping and need a break. Though I won't be buying food or drinks from there again as it cost me £2.50 for a bottle of Fanta and a carton of orange juice!

Here are the photos from our day =]