Sealife Tuesday

So Tuesday is our usual day to go to Lowestoft, see mum, go to gymnastics and do a little bit of shopping and possibly have lunch and sometimes see Skydi.
Skydi couldn't make it to gymnastics this week because Reid was sick, I didn't overly feel like going to gymnastics anyway this week so I had a look online and looked at the ticket prices for the Sealife Center in Great Yarmouth and decided to book tickets for the kids, mum and I to go as it was super cheaper online than paying when we would have arrived (saving of around £30 I think!), so I called mum to come over earlier so we could get there at a good time.
I like going there this time of year because there's hardly anyone else there due to kids being in school and it being cold on the sea front.
I let Eppy walk around most of the center, she really loved it! Kept saying 'wow' at all the giant fish and she was a bit in love with the penguins too.
Edward always enjoys it there, though refused to touch the starfish they had on display because it doesn't like his hands being messy.
I did eventually have to put Eppy back in her sling because she kept running off, trying to make me let go of her hand and I couldn't keep up with her and Edward running around in different directions.
After the Sealife Center mum drove us all to Toby's for a carvery lunch, I actually got to enjoy it this time round because they gave us a high chair for Eppy which had working straps to hold her in.
Both children ate well, Eppy shared my dessert too.
We then went to Tesco after lunch, mum bought Edward a new hoodie and Eppy some new PJS.
Finally we got home, I didn't bother cooking dinner as we were stuffed from lunch, I got a ready meal out of the freezer for Robert to cook when he got home, we don't normally have them in the house as I usually always cook from scratch but he decided to get one from ASDA when we did our shop last weekend, not sure why, maybe as a back up plan incase I don't want to cook dinner one night, so I guess that was a good call really!

Here are some photos from the Sealife Center =]