Boxing Day

So it's boxing day! Everyone has flaked out on the sofa/floor/chairs, we've just had a huge beef roast dinner and lots of dessert so we are all feeling pretty stuffed.

Edward slept well round the inlaws last night, he didn't wake till gone 8:30am the lazy sod! When we got over this morning (about 10am) he was right as rain and in a lovely mood and still in his pjs.

I got out a couple of the kids new toys to play with this morning, I got out the Happy Land Rocket and a wooden fire engine, both are wonderful toys.
Aunty Julie and uncle David gave Robert and I £20 for each child to buy them something which was very kind of them =]

Robert also made us waffles for breakfast NOMNOM.

Edward had a slight melt down at dinner time, he refused to eat his dinner so he got down from the table, but then obviously when grandad went and fetched the desserts he got upset because I said he couldn't have any as he didn't touch his dinner. We had to go for a time in to calm him down and explain to him I'd like him to eat a little something of his main dinner before he had dessert. We then got back up at the table and he had some potatoes and tried a little parsnip, so then he got a bit of cheesecake and some ice cream.
Time in's work so much better with him than time outs.

I have no idea what we are doing the rest of today, probably will just flake out, I know Sadie wants us to play board games, so I'm excited to do that, I LOVE board games, I think are going to play Logo British, Robert will be on my team as always =P

I hope you all are enjoying yourselves today.