End of 2014

Sooo! My last post in 2014!
What a year it has been!
Moved house, celebrated 3rd and 1st birthdays, started my blog, love for Hugh Laurie has grown stronger, love for Robert is out of this world and been on many many adventures!

I can't remember much that has happened this year as it's been a bit of a whirlwind, but I think it's been a good year, had its ups and downs but who's year hasn't?

I have decided for next year after seeing a fab idea online to make a 'good note jar' where every time something good happens we write it down on a post it note and pop it in the jar, then at the end of next year we will look through all the notes and look back on all the happy times ^_^

Today has been a fairly good end to 2014!
Today we drove to Lowestoft and went to the babywearing photoshoot held by Lowestoft sling library, we went to the Pakefield beach and had lots of lovely photos taken, hoping to get them in the next couple of days! I think we had some nice ones done, also had some nice photos of Edward and Rowan throwing rocks into the sea together, was pretty damn adorable!

We then drove to McDonalds for lunch and then we came home.

I had a slight accident in the shower today, I opened the shower door and it just fell off it's hinges! I then moved as quick as I could out of the way of the falling door for it to then land in the bathroom door, it then got stuck, I started to panic thinking I was going to have to smash the bathroom window to get out of the bathroom, luckily I gave the shower door a big heave and managed to wedge it out of the bathroom door and got out.
Robert took the incident quite well, I thought he'd go ape shit but he didn't, he was a bit cross I think but he didn't overly show it. I have no idea what we're going to do now though.

Tomorrow night we are going to his parents to cook them dinner to celebrate the new year, think we are doing hunters chicken with some bbq sauce Robert was bought for Christmas.

Last night Robert and I went to Norwich to have a late Christmas work do dinner with Robert's boss and his wife, we went to the Number 12 in Norwich, it was really nice inside with some quirky signs and the food was great. I had pan fried scallops for starters, then lasagne for main and then syrup sponge for dessert.
It was a good evening, my first time meeting Dr. Harley and his wife, they were very nice people and I hope to meet them again.

Here are some photos of the past couple of days =]