Just call Me Mrs Santa Clause

So yesterday we did a lot of driving around and socializing.
First we went to Whitney's to drop off baked goods and Christmas presents, when we got there Whitney was in her underwear with a dressing gown on, I was half expecting her to at least go put something on but noooo, not that I would have minded if it was just me and kids, but with Robert there? And she knew we were coming, I just found it a bit weird. I know there was nothing in it as she wanted to be ready to jump into the bath when we left but still, she's very beautiful, has a killer body, I didn't really want Robert looking at her in that way, not that I think he would, but who wouldn't peep at someone just in a dressing gown?
Anyway, we exchanged gifts, had a little catch up etc, Eppy was in a good mood and didn't cry around Whitney's mum like usual, she kept running around the house with Edward, was quite funny really.
Once we left, Robert dropped the kids and I off home and went with his grandma to Beccles to pick up the meat for Christmas, I threw together a quick chilli to put in the slow cooker to cook as I knew we would be out for the rest of the day after lunch so didn't want to faff when we got home making dinner.
When Robert got back he ate the sandwich I made him and then we left and went to my mums, Rose (crazy lady) wasn't home so we couldn't give her the gift we had brought round so we left it with mum, I went upstairs to put the rest of the presents she had bought everyone in the car, I forgot how steep mums staircase was, surprised I didn't bugger down them, surprised mum hasn't done for a while either!
After mums we drove to Skydi's to drop round her Yule present as I forgot to the other day, we stayed there for a while, she gave me a box of home made chocolates and Edward got a roll of colour in wallpaper which is pretty awesome! I haven't decided if we're going to put it up in his room so he can colour it in or whether to just use it as normal colouring in paper at the table.
Skydi liked the Moomin calendar I bought her, now she can remember play dates and all sorts next year. Oh and I should mention that Skydi was also naked when we arrived, in a towel though, so that's two best friends I'd seen pretty much naked in one day, though Skydi didn't surprise me half as much as Whitney.

After Skydi's we drove to town to pick up the veg for Christmas and some dog food, then we went back to ours to pick up the stuff Robert he needed to make for the pulled pork marinade, we then drove to his parents so he could get the pulled pork ready for this evening as for the past couple of years Robert has done pulled pork on Christmas Eve for everyone.

We finally then got home, I served up dinner and then Robert cleaned the chinchillas, I watched Emmerdale and then we went to bed to watch an episode of House.

Today I shall be doing some cleaning and then this evening we will be round the inlaws for dinner. I also have the Christmas Eve box to sort out for daddy and the kids.

I just want tomorrow to hurry up.