Merry Christmas!

It's currently 3:37am, I got woken up by the sudden urge to chuck up everywhere, I feel rotten and I've not had any booze!
Merry Christmas one and all!

Yesterday was a good day eventually, once I stopped being angry at Robert for not helping out with house work and realising throwing an expensive camera and my glasses and screaming probably wasn't the best way to get through to him on Christmas morning.

When we eventually went to the inlaws I saw mum, she got there at like 9:30 even though she said she would be there between 10:30 (we didn't get there till 10:30), we all sat down and I started handing out all the presents and whatnot! It didn't take as long as expected for me to get through everything and everyone.
Eppy was loving opening everything, she was more interested in it than Edward was!
I got some lovely presents too, Robert bought me a beautiful ring (I had picked it, but still), Noel Fielding dvds (his comedy show) and also, remember I asked him to give me a romantic gesture? Well, it was a cushion. Now, I know what you're thinking, I was thinking the same as you ('what the hell?') but it was a geeky cushion where there were three circles and the middle bit was something we have in common, I can't remember the proper name for it, but the top circle had Robert written in it, the middle circle was the word Love and the last circle was Adelaide. When he eventually explained it to me I got it. It's really sweet, also a nice sized cushion too!

I think everyone was uber pleased with their gifts, they were random as hell, but with only a £10 limit per person It really was difficult to find stuff good for that price.

We had a lovely Christmas meal and more food later in the evening (I think it's IBS keeping me up, I did eat a lot today), mostly everyone went for a walk (my mum had gone home by then) but Robert and I didn't as I wanted Eppy to have a nap.

Edward is currently sleeping over round the inlaws, first time in almost two years he's spent a night away from me, it feels weird, but he's safe in their bedroom, not had any late night phone calls yet so I presume he's soundo!

Should be going over for breakfast this morning around 9:30 but I honestly don't think I'll have anything, I feel so ill, I might just have to be picky with what I eat today, maybe keep a track of it on myfitnesspal app thing to see what it is making me feel sick.

I want to get a doctors appointment tomorrow to try and figure out if this is IBS or not, I have a feeling it could be as the symptoms fit, but diagnosing things from the internet isn't always a good thing.

I hope you lovely readers have had a wonderful Christmas so far!