I Am That Mum.

This week has been a bit manic, I'm currently struggling to get this written as I have so much to do today but I'll make this quick as I've not blogged yet this week!

Monday - In the morning I weighed myself after my sickness bug and I had lost 4 pounds. So in total this month I have lost 10 pounds, which I'm proud of! Super chuffed with myself! I feel massively better in myself, especially after doing these exercise classes, I feel like I have more energy and I can chase around after the children better. I'm really thankful to myself for not ever really drinking booze (apart from on the odd occasion, but it's still rare!) and the fact I'm not a filthy smoker either.
Eppy was feeling fairly rotten on Monday too, pretty pale and snotty still. She spent a lot of the day on the sofa and having lots of cuddles, though saying that there was a point in the day where she and Edward stood on the toy box and started yelling at people through the window, it was quite funny to watch really.
Edward spent most of Monday afternoon at the kitchen table making a Chinese drum from his Weekend Box, I do love the Weekend Boxes because they are just amazing for home education, full of lots of things to do! You get baking stuff, arts and craft things and all sorts.
In the evening I asked on my Facebook for people to name children shoe shops, a friend of mine mentioned the Startrite shop in Norwich, so I thought on Tuesday mum and I and the kids could go down there (as Eppy would probably be too unwell for gymnastics again) and get Eppy some new shoes, I had heard of Startrite before and I've seen some of their shoes online and they looked nice so figured it would be worth a shot.

Tuesday - Robert had the day off work, I woke up and found him sleeping on the sofa as he had a tummy bug (the one I had at the weekend) and wanted to be close to the bathroom, poor sod, obviously men get bugs at lot worse than us women (duh ;)), so I was kind of glad of that day's plans so we could be out of the house so he could rest up without the kids running around him.
Mum arrived around 10am and we set off for Norwich, we got to the Startrite store without too many hiccups, the Google sat nav isn't that amazing with telling you which turnings to take in time! But we got there eventually.
When we walked in it was fairly busy, my kids ran off in different directions, I had to continuously run after each child, Eppy more because she kept trying to drag all the shoes off the shelves. I didn't realise you had to have a ticket to be served, the ticket machine was up high out of the way and when I asked to be served (before I had my ticket) the staff were pretty rude! I got my ticket in the end and we waited our turn, I had already spotted some nice boots for Eppy whilst waiting. The lady eventually came over and measured Eppy's feet, she had gone up to a 4G (but a 3.5G in Startrite shoes as they are half a size smaller, I have no bloody idea why!) I showed the lady what boots I wanted for Eppy and she went away and brought back several pairs which weren't the boots I had just asked for, I said no to all of them as they were all pink and horrible. She finally brought out a brown version of the boots I pointed at as she didn't have any in black in her size. Eppy struggled to let us get the boots on her, I don't think she liked them, so we didn't end up with any shoes for her from there, Edward got remeasured too and he was a 7 (can't remember the width), I hated all the boy shoes they had in the shop so we didn't even try any on.
So we all got back in the car and I directed mum to the Castle Mall car park and we went to the DM (doc martens) shop, I figured we could at least have a look, even though I wasn't overly hopeful we'd find any boots that would fit Eppy.
When we got there we got served by a really lovely lady, I asked Eppy which shoes she would like to try on and she picked some black ones with red roses off the shelf, which in her size fitted perfectly! But a little too perfect, so there wasn't much toe room, so we tried the next size up and they fitted brilliantly! Eppy was very happy stomping around the shop in them and actually got a bit upset when I took them off so we could pay for them.
Edward also got a new pair of boots, they were black with buckles down the size, quite bikery! He was super happy with his new boots too and the lady even gave him some fake tattoos too =]
Once the shoe hunt was over with I treated mum to lunch as she'd just spent £100 on shoes, she chose for us to have a Burger King haha, I didn't mind so much as I knew I had my Insanity class that night so I'd burn it off.
We then went to Mothercare and I got to spend the voucher Whitney had given the kids for Christmas, I bought the children wellies =]
We were then about to drive home but I reminded mum of the Hobbycraft shop so she wanted a quick look (a quick look turned into an hour wander), so bought a few things and joined the Hobbycraft membership club, I think she'll be raiding the website as soon as she gets a chance haha! I actually really loved that shop, fantastic for home schooling equipment!
When we got home Robert was feeling a bit better, I didn't bother cooking dinner as nobody really wanted to eat, before I left for Insanity I put Edward to bed and left Eppy and Robert to it.
Insanity was really good, I got my sweat on hahaha!

Wednesday - Robert took a second day off work to make sure he was over his bug, in the morning we drove to the town near us and went and had a look around the preschool, we want Eppy to go to preschool in September, like Edward did, for a year, we needed to find one that we all agreed on as a family and we had to be sure it was suitable for our family.
I really enjoyed the one we had a look at it, it's very child led and the lady who runs it still co sleeps with her children and her eldest is 13! I enjoyed it so much I signed Edward up too, but he'll only do two days a week starting on Monday, I don't mind him going to preschool, they are aware he is home schooled and will continue to be so they don't need to get him 'ready' for school.
When we got home I put an order online for his uniform and lunch box etc.
We had a fairly lazy afternoon, I had HIIT in the evening so I went along to that, met up with Sadie there, it was her first class so she was excited =] she did really well in the end and she enjoyed it which was the main thing!

Thursday - Yesterday I had a busy morning cleaning the house, going to town and prepping a big lunch as at 12:30 I had Skydi and Toni come over with the children for a lovely play date and natter. We had a lovely afternoon and Toni had brought round loads of clothes and shoes for Eppy, I really wanted to paypal her some money for them but she wouldn't let me! So I'm going to get the kids to make a thank you card and get her a little gift as a thank you =]
It started to chuck it down outside with snow and it all actually laid 0_0, once Toni and Skydi left the kids got their wellies on and went outside and had a play around! I was very surprised Edward wanted to as he has always hated snow, but he enjoyed splashing in the puddles, it was Eppy's first experience with snow, she was ok until she fell over in it haha.
In the evening I ordered takeout as I couldn't be bothered to cook.

Friday - Well today is Friday! I have a fair bit of cleaning to do upstairs and a lot of laundry to catch up on as I spent most of the week washing nappies, I need to stuff the nappies today and I've got my Tesco delivery arriving around 1, I also need to make the meal plans for next week so we can go to Aldi tomorrow, we're also going to see Skydi again in the morning tomorrow and then the inlaws.
Sunday I'm taking Edward to the cinema for the first time ever, we're going to go see the Peppa Pig film, then we're going to go have lunch with Whitney.

So yeah, this week has been fairly busy! But enjoyable!