Kettlercise Is Not About Boiling Kettles.

So last night I went to the kettlercise class.
It was not about boiling a kettle properly.
But it wasn't as harsh as HIIT.
I actually quite enjoyed it because it was more about toning the body, which I need if I want to loose weight, hopefully means I won't have to have surgery to have a tummy tuck etc.
I stood at the back of the class with a very happy and helpful lady who helped me a few times out during the session.
Kettlercise if you're not sure what it is it's where you're exercising with a kettlebell, most of the time your feet are shoulder width apart and you don't really move from the spot much, we did a bit of mat work too laying down and sitting.
Again I felt this session more in my thighs, which were already still suffering from Wednesday's HIIT class still.

I also found out that on Tuesdays there's an Insanity class on in the evenings too, so I shall be going along to that next week too!
So Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be my exercise days, although I will be trying to get out for walks most days too with the kids (if it's not raining or snowing!)