Sickness Bug

Yesterday I had an awful bug, I still feel rather grotty today to be honest.
I ended up sleeping most of yesterday whilst Robert kept an eye on the kids, I don't think the sleep helped much though, one minuet I was cold then I was hot and then I was cold.
I really wanted to throw up loads but I just couldn't.
No idea where I caught the bug from either.

Edward and Eppy have both had the runs too this week, so we've all been a bit poorly, Robert has managed to escape it all so far.

We didn't go to gymnastics this week due to the kids being ill, so mum came round Thursday and we went out for lunch at Twyfords in Beccles, I love the cafe there, the food is so good! And the the honey mustard sauce is to die for!
Whilst having our lunch Edward decided to yell the word 'PENIS' very loud, mum and I were dying with laughter.
Eppy was a bit of a pain when waiting for our lunch, she was obviously very hungry so she kept screaming the place down for food until it arrived.
After our lunch out we went for a small wander around Beccles, we went into the book shop and got a couple of books for the kids and then went into the charity shop and had a little look too.

This week I've also been emailing lots of places to try and get help so Edward can meet Mr. Tumble, I figured as a parent I want to try and help my children meet whoever they want to, I figured trying wouldn't hurt.

Last night Robert and I realised how thankful we were to bedsharing with Eppy because we heard her choke/almost vomit so obviously we only had to roll over and sit up and get to her within seconds, she was fine, but I dread to think what could of happened had she not been in our bed.

I've organized a visit to a preschool for next Wednesday for Edward (and Eppy eventually) to join, Eppy will have to join a preschool when she's two in about seven months time, well she doesn't have to but Edward did so I think it will be good for her to go too, I'm thinking about Edward going for a bit, but we'll see =]

I need to go to Norwich sometime next week to get Eppy some new shoes as her feet are getting wider and bigger, hoping to get her some boots to keep her legs warmer in the sling, but her legs are quite wide so I'm not sure we'll find any that will fit her, but fingers crossed. I'm hoping the DM shop will have some that fit.