Thighs of Steel

So much pain right now.
Can barely get up.
I haven't blogged almost all week, so there's a fair bit to catch up on with I suppose!

Friday evening I got all my sewing stuff out, finally got my sewing machine out of it's box etc, I took one look at everything and just thought 'bugger', I decided there and then I am not ever going to be a a genius at sewing. I was even scared at the sounds of the sewing machine. So I packed it all back up and sat with Robert on the sofa and we went through some options I had that I could do as hobbies.
Instrument? Nah. Pottery? Nah. Singing? Nah. Gym? Yeah, go on then.
We agreed that providing finances were ok at the end of the month we can get me a gym pass ^_^, I'm super excited! I'm so serious about getting in shape (that is NOT a circle!) so a gym pass would be amazing.

Saturday we did our weekly shop at Lidl not Aldi due to lack of parking at Aldi, our shop at Lidl was a bit more than it would have been at Aldi but ah well, I don't like Lidl much apart from their special buys, they don't have as much selection. Their bakery though is lovely even though I avoided it the kids and Robert didn't.
We also went to Pets At Home so Robert could do some research for work (something to do with dog shampoo, I don't really know), the kids looked at the rabbits and other animals, no we're not getting rabbit. Edward and I stroked a friendly dog that was in there too (it wasn't for sale!)
When we got home Robert picked up some stuff we didn't manage to get from Lidl from Co Op and went and picked his mothers shredder as I decided that he needed to go through all his paperwork upstairs, I asked him to do it way before Christmas and I was sick of it laying around the bedroom in boxes.
So he spent Saturday shredding and watching whatever on his iPad, whilst I focused on laundry.

Sunday was spent doing more shredding and more laundry.
We did also go to the park but we were only there about 20 minuets as it was freezing cold.

We also took down Eppy's cot.
We figured as she never goes in it, what's the point in having it up taking all the space up in our bedroom?
We have a storage box in our bedroom for some of Eppy's toys so she has something to play with when she's in there whilst Robert and I are laying in bed watching something on the computer.

Edward is really enjoying using his Smart Tray at the moment, he likes to do it sometimes during bedtime, which is nice as I get some one on one time with him and he learns something at the same time.
I want to buy more packs for it but they are so expensive, I'm currently waiting for them to come up for sale on Zulily as that's where I bought it from originally.

Also on Sunday I managed to sell on the Moomin carrier I had bought, I decided to sell it on as it was just far too big for Eppy and I didn't think she would grow into it until she was about 20 (years, not months), I sold it really quickly, there was a lot of interest in it, I wish I had put it on eBay now and got more for it haha.
With the money I sold it for (£80) I bought Robert a new sling, he really needed one as Eppy really has outgrown her R&R now. I decided on a Connecta for her, I let Robert choose the design (orange woodland animals), Connecta's sell on rather well too so when we do end up selling it on or whatever at least I'll get my money back.

Eppy has learnt to do several animal noises now, she can quack and moo and she can also make an ARR noise like a pirate (she even does the actions!) you can view a video of her doing it here.

I found a meadow in Bungay on Monday, I didn't realise Bungay had a public meadow we could across, it has the river too where all the fishermen go. It's really lovely down there, so I've taken the kids down there twice this week for a walk, it's a bit muddy this time of year but will be bliss in the summer, great for a picnic area!

Edward has been to the doctors this week because he is constipated, he's on 'magic medicine' for it so hopefully he will be better soon, he's been complaining of a sore tummy for a few days so I figured we had better get it checked out.

We went to gymnastics on Tuesday and met up with Skydi, obviously Edward and Rowan enjoyed themselves lots. So did Eppy and Reid.

For my birthday present mother let me book the kids, Robert and I a night at Alton Towers Splash Hotel, I'm super excited to go! I've never been to Alton Towers before! So it's going to be super amazing!