Be One With The Fish

This weekend was fairly enjoyable, though saying that I'm now paying for it due to having aunty flow visit and a very sore throat.
Saturday we didn't see Skydi and co in the end due to them being ill, so we did our weekly shop and that was about it really.

Sunday on the other hand was a bit manic.
I was up out of bed just before 6:30am (who knew that time even existed on a Sunday?!), got dressed and headed to the swimming pool, I actually got there earlier than I thought I would so they let me sit in the warm seating area and waited till 7:30 when the pool was finally open.
I then got changed and got into the pool, it was a lane swimming session so I got into a lane, but as soon as I got to the other side of the pool and saw the sign I realised I was in the fast lane, so I swam under the ropes and got the medium lane and continued to swim.
I learnt a few things that morning about lane swimming.

1; Do not stop. Seriously. Don't do it. I didn't need to stop when I was in there but one lady kept stopping for a rest, which was fine, but she kept getting in the way, she should have been in the slow lane if she wanted to keep having rests.
2: If you are in a certain lane, swim like you're supposed to. If you are in a fast lane, swim fast, quite obvious yes?
3: Learn over take. I had to over take the same lady who kept having rest several times, she drove me nuts.
4: Don't wear strappy swim suits, I love my swimming costume, but the strap that held it up around my neck kept coming off, nip slip anyone?

I managed 60 laps in an hour Sunday morning, not too bad really, especially as I haven't done any lane swimming in over two years.

I eventually got home just before 9am, everyone was in the middle of breakfast.

I dried and straightened my hair and Edward and I got ready to be drive to Norwich for our first trip to the cinema!
When we arrived at the cinema I went to the ticket machine and tried to print off my tickets, it didn't work, so I went to the desk and asked for them, the lady then printed them off and said 'oh, this film isn't out till the 15th of February' needless to say I was a bit pissed off and a bit lost as to what to do.
Edward and I then walked into the bowling center but all the lanes were full, so I was baffled at what we could do.
We then went and got some cash out and we got the bus to town (we were going to walk but it started raining!), I needed some new shoes so we walked to New Look and I got a new pair of boots which were half price =D
I then gave my friend Whitney a call and we met her in Bella Italia and we had a nice catch up and some nice food.
When Whitney left Edward and I walked to the bus station and waited for our bus to arrive, we sat opposite a nun which was interesting!

When we got back to Bungay we went to the inlaws as we knew Robert and Eppy were there as they went round there for lunch.
The kids played for a bit and then we all came home and chilled out.

Today I woke up with a sore throat and my period, so I haven't felt like doing much, had to get up early to get Edward to pre school on time, we were half an hour late because the buses just don't run good times but the pre school didn't mind.
Eppy cuddled me the whole time we were home waiting to pick Edward up, think she was enjoying her one on one time.
Edward is now home and full of cold, so that means no gymnastics tomorrow, so will probably lunch with mother somewhere tomorrow as Edward only goes to pre school twice a week.

I have signed up to the Swimathon at our local pool, I'm signed up to do 5K which is 200 laps, so it should take me about three hours. I'm going to be so knackered that weekend though as it's the weekend I'll be coming home from Alton Towers -_-' and by the looks of  my calendar my period will have started then too, but I should still be okay to swim!

I'm also hoping to sign up to Mucky Racers too! But I'll sign up to that once I've got my swimathon done!