Keep Your Snotty Kids At Home.

Recently on the Sling board on Facebook there have been a few posts by people asking if they should take their snotty kids to play groups etc.
The answer for me would be NO!
Keep your snotty, sick infected kids away from myself and my kids.
Sounds harsh, I know.
But why would you want to affect other kids and make them ill?
The only snot I find even remotely acceptable would be the temperature change snot, you know, when you've been outside in the cold for ages and then walk inside a boiling building and your nose can't hack it so it snots a bit. That is okay. You are not ill.
But to go along to a play group or nursery with green candlesticks coming out of their noses? No.

I know kids get sick a lot, colds are common, they are annoying as hell as you feel like you just need to get out of the house, I understand this completely, I've been there (I'm currently there now actually what with Eppy being ill and has been for two weeks), but don't take your kids to an indoor environment filled with lots of other healthy kids, take them to a park that is outside, especially in the winter because chances are there's not going to be many other kids there and it's outside, you're not cooped up indoors and your kid can run around and get some decent fresh air, or failing the park just go for a nice walk. I know it's cold and you don't like the cold, nobody really does, but the fresh air will do you all some good and I always find breathing in lots of fresh air makes my kids feel a bit better.
If your snotty kid goes to say a soft play area they will get snot on all the equipment, other kids will touch it and then they will get whatever virus they have, they don't even need to touch anything half the time either, the stench of sick can sometimes just be enough to make another kid come down with something.
I know we can't all avoid catching colds and that they can help build up the immune system, but sometimes you just don't know who you are going to spread your virus to.
There is the chance you could spread your kids virus to another kid who has a pretty weak immune system and has to go to hospital each time they get just even a cold, it could mean life or death for them. Do you want to be responsible for another child's potential death?
What if your kid gives another kid a cold and that kids mother is about to get married and then she catches a cold on her wedding day?

Keep your sick kids at home.