My Goals For 2015

I should have written this last month really, but I'm writing it now.
I'm going to set myself a task for 5 things I'd like to achieve this year and hopefully I can do them all!

1: Go camping.
I have been camping before but I HATED it. It was the worst experience of my life. But! I want go again this year, with or without the children. My friend Toni is an experienced camper and has agreed we shall go this year, so fingers crossed!

2: Radio 1 Festival.
I live close to Norwich so here's hoping I get some tickets, I'm dying to see Taylor Swift live and I feel like this may be my only chance! And if I manage to bag weekend tickets I get to camp too, so I'd kill two birds with one stone really!

3: Complete My Swimathon & Raise £100.
My swimathon takes place on the 19th of April, I've so far raised £25 for it too, come on! Let's so this! Click here to donate!

4: Become A Size 12.
If I can get down to a size 12 this year I will be super happy, as long as I keep up the exercise and continue to eat healthily I should get there!

5: Take Part In Mucky Races!
There is a course near me which is in September, so fingers crossed I will be taking part in that! And hopefully I'll raise more money for charity!

My goals this year seem fairly achievable, I think providing I keep my mind set and focused anything is possible!