Never Miss The Bus Again Mummy

Well since Wednesday the kids and I are still a bit unwell, Eppy is suffering the most at the moment, nose constantly dripping with snot, very chesty and coughing a lot. I don't feel the need to take her to the doctors as I don't think it's a chest infection, she's just on the usual cough medicine and Calpol.

We haven't really done much this week due to being ill, Edward did go for his second day at preschool on Friday though, getting there was fine as we got the bus but coming home was a complete nightmare.
We missed the bus.
Let's now just say that we are never missing the bus home again.
There were road works going on so all the buses were running a little behind and yet we still managed to miss the bus.
The walk home isn't that long, it's about twenty minuets really if I'm on my own, with Edward I would have expected maybe twenty five or so minuets?
No. It took forty five minuets, he screamed pretty much the entire way home even though we stopped quite a few times for a cuddle and stuff. -_-'
It was like the world had ended.
It's not as if he was cold because he had a hoody, coat, gloves, hat and a scarf on.
He was just devastated we missed the bus, I didn't want us to wait for another one as it was cold outside and it was like an hour wait, I knew it would have been quicker to walk home.
When we did finally make it home I agreed we could make bus cupcakes (which turned out terrible for some reason) to make him feel better.

I still went to my Kettlercise class on Friday night, I didn't really want to miss it because I had missed Insanity and HIIT this week already.
When I got home Robert and I had a joke about being vegetarians, we've had an agreement that we will do it for this month, we sort of presume we'll eat better because of it too.
I used to do spats of being vegetarian when I was younger, I used to do it for 6 months every year, thought I'd do my bit for the animals and loose a few pounds to boot, I haven't done it recently because I never really sat there and thought about doing it again honestly.
But now I am glad I am, I've never liked the idea of animals being brought into the world just to be eaten, so this will be nice, I may even continue after this month.

Saturday we went shopping, we managed to go fairly early and get parked at Aldi for a change!
After shopping we came home, I had a light snack and then I went swimming to do some training for my Swimathon.
I only managed 78 lengths in an hour and a half  due to kids that kept coming into the lanes, which drove myself and lots of other lane swimmers mad.
I'm still unwell too so I don't really have my full stength at the moment either.

It's now Sunday morning and I'm up and ready to go, hopefully no kids there today! It's 6:51am *eww*, I'll be at the pool for 7:30am.
When I get home Robert is cooking me scrambled eggs with feta for breakfast. Then we're off to Tobies to treat great grandma for lunch, the inlaws are coming too.