Big School & Old Friends

Edward has his first session at his big school (primary) on Thursday, I think it went fairly well.
When we got there we instantly recognised a few children there as they were already members of his preschool and his judo class, it made me feel more comfortable knowing that he would be with children he already knows in his class just so that he settles more into it.
The children all did some painting and colouring to start with, the school had put on an alien theme in the classroom so things were centered around that, then the children all went outside and went on the lovely slide that they have in the playground and all the kids chased each other around.
They have a nice garden bit where they are currently growing herbs and veggies which I liked (although it needed weeding.)
We had several of the teachers come up to us and we met them all and introduced ourselves to them, they seemed friendly enough so hopefully we won't have any problems in the future.
Two of the staff members are coming to our home in September to meet our family properly and learn more about Edward and stuff which I think is a nice touch.
We all finally went back inside and one of the teachers read a story to the class and then we all left.
The session only lasted an hour, I don't think it was long enough personally but we have a few other sessions going on there before Edward starts full time in September so hopefully he settles in okay.
We then took Edward to judo, I stayed with him and Robert stayed home with Eppy, Edward does really well at judo when he actually listens and pays attention but he really just needs to open his ears a bit more, but I suppose what should I expect from a four year old haha.

Today we all went to Norwich, we needed to get a blank canvas so the kids going make grandad one for Fathers Day, we also popped into Starbucks and a few other shops, as I finally finished the book called Warm Bodies I decided to get the film to watch to see if it is as good as the book.
This afternoon I had to go back to bed as soon as we got home from Norwich, I spent last night on the sofa as I just couldn't sleep, I even started writing a new story. I spent the evening also catching up with my old friend Darius, he's got his own place now with his girlfriend so Whitney and I should be going round his for dinner in a few weeks which will be lovely.

As tomorrow is Fathers Day we shall be spending the day round the inlaws, Robert is cooking us all lunch, I imagine it will be a nice chilled out day.

I am so ready for bed this evening, I am shattered, I only slept on the sofa last night because I didn't want to disturb Robert and Eppy as I knew I would be tossing and turning all night, I found out some weird news and it just kept me up, I don't want to go into it at the moment, it's nothing really important, it's just weirded me out.
So yeah, an evening of Breaking Bad and a nice warm shower is what is needed this evening.