BST Festival

As I mentioned in a previous post, we won family tickets to the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park from MummyFever, we woke up at 5am, had breakfast, got dressed and drove to Norwich.
Once the car was parked we made our way to the bus station and waited for our coach to arrive, we decided to take the coach as it was cheaper and just easier over all for us to get to London.
The kids were both very excited to be on a big coach, neither of them had been on one before, I wasn't too sure on how the journey would go as it was a 3 hour drive and I know what our two can be like.
It actually went quite well, we all had snacks which kept the kids occupied and they both sat really well. The journey there was a bit annoying though as we all sat on the back seats of the coach, then some woman decided she was going to sit right in the middle of Robert and I. Luckily she fell asleep so we could pass each other stuff pretty easily.
Robert and Eppy fell asleep together for a little while, it was so cute haha! I also kept drifting off, I really don't do early mornings so I needed some sleep, I didn't have a coffee before we left either so I NEEDED that sleep. Edward didn't sleep, he was too obsessed with pointing out how we were on a coach and everything out of the window.

When we arrived in London at the coach station we had to get some change for the toilets, I hate having to pay to pee, I really don't understand the logic there. It said you had to pay 30p per person, but I only paid for me, I snuck in with Edward heh heh.

Robert then pulled out his phone and we followed his map to Hyde Park, we ended up going several different ways even though I pointed out a sign which would have led us to our destination, but no, we follow the map >_>
We did eventually find the park and we sat down on a bench and had the rest of our snacks as we weren't sure if we were allowed to take food into the festival, then we went to the box office and picked up our tickets, the lady at the desk gave the children some wrist bands incase they got lost, luckily we had a pen so I managed to fill them out, Eppy didn't like her wrist band but she kept it on (didn't really have a choice, once they are on you usually have to cut them off!)
Then we went and joined the relatively small line and waited to be let into the festival, as we got to the front they gave us a couple of bottles of water which was nice of them.

We had a big look round at everything that was there, there was food everywhere! So much food! They had things from ostrich burgers to German sausages, it all smelt so good! It was all quite pricey though, but I think that was to be expected.
We also saw a couple of rides, but the prices for them were far too expensive, they were like £3 per person and as it's a family festival most adults will need to go on with their children, so it's like £6 a ride! There was just no way we were going to pay those prices.

The main stage was pretty awesome, a really good size and the sound was pretty good too.

I had to laugh at Dick & Dom presenting, I grew up watching those two and they haven't changed at all really, I don't think children presenters do, do they? They were just so cheesey but epically awesome.

At about 12ish we decided to get some lunch (though before that we signed up to take part in the Frozen Guinness World Record attempt for the most people singing 'Let It Go'), we went for meatballs and chips, which looking back was a pretty bad idea. Tomato sauce went everywhere, the food was nice though! But as you can see, mess.

After lunch we made our way back to the main stage and we got to the front of the barrier and we all sang Let It Go as loud as possible, it was actually quite an emotional experience, Edward really enjoyed the massive sing a long to one of his favourite songs in the world and just watching him and his face whilst we were doing it was just amazing, I'm so glad I got to witness that.

After that we had the one and only Justin Fletcher come on stage, this was the part I was waiting for, Edward's face was even more filled with excitement, I have been waiting so long to get him to see Justin live and now that it has finally happened I can say it has been completely worth all the effort.
Justin did a great job and getting all the kids involved and sang really well with them, it was just amazing to watch too, Eppy was very excited too (although very tired by this point!) I think she was also mesmerised by the whole experience. I am so glad I got to see both of our beautiful children see their favourite TV actor live, I wouldn't have missed that for the world. Now if only someone could set up a meeting for me & Hugh Laurie ;)

After Justin we left the main stage and went and had a hot dog as we wanted to eat something before our journey home, I then went and grabbed some cookies for the ride and we then wandered back to the coach station.

Our ride home went well, Edward fell asleep before the coach had even gotten out of London haha, we got home quicker than expected, there was hardly any traffic on the road.

When we finally got back to our house I checked online and found out we are official Guinness World Record holders =D so I shall be buying the next book haha, just so we can be like 'we were a part of this!'

We had a lovely day apart from the massive down pour of rain at the start of the day, but luckily the sun came out and dried us all up.

So a big thank you to MummyFever =]


  1. Sounds like you all had a great time, my 13yr old daughter went on Saturday with her best friend and family and loved it, as did I when I went a couple of years ago to see Bon Jovi, it's a brilliant festival x


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