The Perks Of Babywearing

I thought I would post about how babywearing has made our life so much easier, without it I don't think having a second child would have been as easy, I honestly have no idea how people cope with two children and they don't own a sling, it just baffles me, props to you for coping without one but we sure as hell couldn't!

1; Shopping!
I see so many parents struggle to do their shopping because they can't find a trolly with two seats in it or one seat with a baby car seat bit in it, sometimes it's just actually amusing to watch people juggle their children. I just have Eppy on my back (or in the younger days on my front) and put Edward in the seat and away we go. No need to faff around trying to find a double trolly.
Also, nobody likes trying to get a buggy through shop doors or pushing them around shops, I remember trying to push a Silver Cross around a few shops once, it was up there in my top ten worst experiences of my life.

2: House work.
You know those days (we have them a lot) where your baby just needs constant cuddles all day but you have to do some house work? I just pop Eppy on my back in the sling and away we go, I can hoover, cook, wash up, sort the laundry etc all with peace and quiet as she'll just happily sit in her sling and either chatter away to me or sleep.

3: Traveling by bus.
I see so many parents really struggle with using a bus with their buggy, they get forced to fold it down so they have to juggle holding a baby and operating a huge bit of metal, trying to make it collapse, sweating, occasionally swearing out of frustration, I find babywearing on a bus far easier, I sit sideways on my seat with Eppy on my back and Edward right next to me, no problems, no taking up loads of space etc, I sit anywhere on the bus but I do prefer the back as there is a little bit more room.

4: More space in our house.
Our house is quite small even though it looks huge on the outside, we really do not have any storage space in our home, so even the thought of having to constantly fold up a huge buggy to cram into the cupboard under the stairs fills me with stress, we obviously don't own a buggy, never have for Eppy, so in our cupboard we just hang our sling up on a hook, therefore saves us oodles of space.

5: Cost.
I have seen the price of buggies and prams, a lot of them cost a bomb. Now, slings/carriers can cost a lot of money, you can get some beautiful wraps for £200 plus, but luckily we own a Connecta which was only £75 and we also own a Madame Goo Goo (which my mother actually bought us so didn't cost us anything) which cost £115. I do know quite a few people who spend a lot of money on their perfect wrap, but you don't have to, we would rather save the extra money towards something else.

6: Holidays are easier.
I have found that going on holiday whilst babywearing is much easier, we are fairly used to carrying our children for long periods of time, so we have no need to ever pack a buggy and try and cram it into the boot of our car on top of all the other luggage we need. Also, if you are going on a hiking holiday, can you really imagine trying to get your buggy up a cliff or through an awkward path? With your kid on your back you don't have to push a buggy and can have your hands free to take amazing photographs.

7: Exercise.
It totally counts as exercise, you're working your whole body whilst babywearing!


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  1. I've never tried baby wearing properly and it's something I've looked into quite a few times. Need to invest in a good sling for the new baby. It will be so handy with two under two. V.helpful post.

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