Three Hours For Ten Minutes

We had a nice Father's day on Sunday, Robert opened his gifts in bed, I can finally reveal the kids had bought him a Shrek tshirt (it has his body and then Robert's head pokes out the top, so it looks like he has Shrek's body haha) and he also got a 3D light in the shape of Thor's hammer.

I got this from George, it was £10!

This light was from 3D Lighting, it was £29.99.

Once we got dressed etc Robert and I dropped the kids off round his parents and then we quickly drove off to Tesco to grab food to cook for lunch for everyone.
Robert decided he was going to cook hunters chicken with sweet potato wedges, we decided to buy a tray cake and some salted caramel ice cream for dessert too.
Robert then spent time in the kitchen when we got back to the inlaws cooking everyone lunch, the kids and I and the inlaws just relaxed really.
Lunch was lovely and so was dessert, the kids then played a bit more after lunch and then we went home.
We didn't do much else the rest of the day, I did a bit of tidying and Robert did some washing up etc.
So yeah, it was just a nice relaxing day, the children are very lucky to have Robert as their daddy, he does so much for them, I couldn't ask for anyone better.

Yesterday Edward was at preschool, I did a bit of housework whilst Eppy spent most of the day climbing all over the coffee table in the living room.
I also spent most of it on the phone to HMRC as we had a scary letter come through saying we were no longer entitled to any child tax etc only child benefit and then it said we owed £2000!
So I phoned them up and I was like 'What's going on?!' and apparently that letter is wrong and we are still entitled to £60 a month but we will only get £30 as we owe £600 and they're taking some money from us each month to pay it back, which is fine, I can't wait till we've paid it back though, it won't be long no doubt as things are moving quite quickly with Robert's work and we're hoping he can have some pay rises soon and we shouldn't need any child tax etc. Robert earns quite a lot already really so I am looking forward to us not getting anything off the government, makes things a lot easier anyway.
We have more money than most families but christ, if we had to pay back £2000 that would have been a complete nightmare.

Robert is currently hooked to a card game called Magic The Gathering, I'm slowly getting hooked, but it now means whenever Eppy falls asleep in the evening instead of some nice hanky panky we're downstairs. Playing cards. Fuck my life lol.
I suppose he needed a new hobby seen as though he can't really do BMXing anymore incase he breaks a leg and then can't drive to work, quite sad really.

We're off to Staffordshire on Thursday, the car seat company Joie Stages want Eppy to come down to their office for a call back to see if they want to use her in their new adverts, it's going to be a long bloody day, we have to be there for 10am, the interview is only going to be about 15 minutes long and then we have to drive all the way home to get Edward to primary school on time for his second trial session there.

Then obviously on Sunday we are off to London, so this week is just a week of traveling! Can I sleeps yet?!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. Can't wait to hear if Eppy will be in the ads! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.


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