Wimblebum & Bees!

Today at 10am Totsbots brought out three more nappies!
So let me introduce you to them!

Wimblebum V4;

I LOVE this design! It is obviously based on the upcoming Wimbledon tennis festivities, I love tennis and strawberries so this is a huge must have for us! Plus V4's are currently best suited on Eppy at the moment, they last hours on her!

New Bamboozle colours!
I LOVE this, I love bee's and bumble bee's so this is also the perfect design for us! I am so thankful Totsbots have brought out some new coloured Bamboozles, it's about time really! We use these over night with Eppy, they last her from about 9pm till 8am, they are like the ultimate nappy!

& Finally we have the berry Bamboozle, I think of all the coloured Bamboozles this is my favourite, I am not a huge fan on pink but this design really has me thinking of strawberries and cream!

The Bamboozles come in size 1 and 2 and the V4 is also in a teenyfit, you can also get the Wimblebum design in a wrap for your Bamboozle.

So head on down to the Totsbots website and grab yourself the new designs! I already have ;)