Summer Frolics

It's been a hot few days and by hot I mean 'I'M MELTING' hot. Over 30 degrees at times, I don't cope well in heat, I remember being pregnant in this heat almost two years ago which was worse but still, eugh, all I want to do is sit in the freezer.

It's been a busy few days for our family, on Tuesday my mother came over as usual, it was too hot for any of us to go out for a nice meal so we all went to Oulton Broad park instead for a run around and ice cream.
Have I mentioned how I don't mix well with heat? Running around after two wild children in this heat is hard work! Especially when Eppy realises she's free to run around somewhere without having to be carried in her sling, she goes mental. Edward was good as he just wanted to go on the massive orange slide that is in the park, but Eppy had me chasing her everywhere.
Our ice creams were nice and then after we had those Edward spotted the bouncy castle, so obviously we had to pay to extortionate price of £2 per child for five minuets bouncing and Eppy didn't even stay on the whole five minuets.
Eventually we made our way home, not before stopping off at the supermarket to stock up on ice cream (mint choc chip and vanilla).

In the evening on Tuesday when Robert got home and we finished dinner we bundled to the kids in the car and drove to Skydi's, we spent the evening there playing Magic The Gathering whilst the kids played with each other, Skydi and Robyn helped build me a new deck, my first deck had 101 cards in it and although it was pretty awesome I just couldn't play properly with it, so now my new deck had 60 cards in it, it's green and black.
We finally got home about 10:30pm, then Sadie and Matt came over and put the kids car seats in their car as we decided we were going to go to the beach on Wednesday for the day, obviously Robert has to work so he wasn't able to go.

Wednesday Sadie and Matt came to pick the kids and I up at 11:30am, we drove to Lowestoft and we bought some fish and chips (courtesy of Sadie) and sat down on the grassy bit and ate them on a really big picnic blanket.
After that I got the kids into their swim/beach wear and we all walked down to the beach.
It all went well until Eppy felt the sand on her skin.
She hated it.
She cried so much bless her, she did try and join in with the digging with the spades and buckets but she kept getting sand on herself and just hated it, she kept asking for wipes and when I gave her one she kept trying to wipe all the sand off hahaha.
Edward on the other hand loved the beach, wasn't too sure about the sea at first but he enjoyed paddling and jumping in the puddles the waves kept leaving.
Matt built some awesome sandcastles and mote, I think he was having ever so slightly more fun than the kids.
Sadie and I took Eppy to have a little look at the sea but she still wasn't having it, I presume the sandpit my mother has bought her for her birthday may not go down as well as we had hoped.
After we had finished on the beach we found some taps to wash some sand off us and then we went and bought some ice creams (I got those as Sadie bought lunch) and then we drove to grandads garage so Matt could pick up his bike, he showed it to Edward as Edward has been asking to see it for weeks, but I think he was too tired to appreciate it as he wasn't too bothered about it! Maybe next time.
Sadie then drove the kids and I to see the inlaws for a bit and then eventually we got dropped off at home.

Sadie and Matt had spent the past two weeks in Spain, so when they turned up yesterday they had presents for everyone which was lovely, Eppy got a lovely doll with her name on it and a Cookie Monster cup, Edward got a big microphone and a big orange bus and a snow globe!
I got an awesome cat purse which will come in handy when the dog decides to ruin my current purse and Robert got white and milk covered Oreo's =D

Robert had a hair cut yesterday evening, it looks much better.

Today my mother is coming over to look after Eppy whilst I take Edward to big school for another induction session, he's looking forward to it, I'm not, I hate the idea of any child being in school in this weather.

Hope everyone is coping with this heat! Don't forget your sun cream!