My Baby Boy Turned 5!

So I've finally got a chance to write today, I have been so busy lately it's been super hard to find the time to blog.
We are currently in our second week of the Easter holidays so we have been going out many places to keep the kids entertained, most half terms we miss out because one of the kids is usually ill, but we have been lucky this time so we are making the most of it!

Edward turned five on the 30th of March, we also had his birthday party on the 26th.

For his party he had a jungle gym and swimming party, we had the whole building exclusive to us (apart from the gym people but they weren't allowed in the pool lol), we had a good turn out, some kids didn't show up because some parents forgot or just couldn't be bothered, we expected that in reality, it's not uncommon with kids birthday parties, just a shame really as it's £10.50 per child we have to pay for in advance so we made a loss of about £60 I think.
The day before the party mother and I went and bought a lot of food, so everyone at the party including all the adults could eat till their stomachs were full.
Everyone had a great time, all the kids were really well behaved, we only had one slight hiccup with Edward where he went to the toilet but decided to sit down, his penis wasn't completely in the toilet and he pissed everywhere including on me. I screamed for Skydi as she was in the toilet next to us with Rowan and she came and helped clean up, I laugh about it all now but at the time I was in panic mode as we had no spare clothes, so he ended up running around with his Paw Patrol swim shorts on.
Swimming went really well, all the kids and grown ups loved it.
Overall the party was a really good success, the stress of it all really paid off, I was knackered by the end of it and went straight to bed as soon as we got home.

Edward's birthday went well, we all went to Funkies in the morning after opening lots of presents (which included; a Wii, Thomas Take & Play Track, roller skates, Minions DVD ), Funky Monkey's is a place in Norwich where you go skating and there's also a big jungle gym, I took Edward skating with his new roller skates and Robert took Eppy on the jungle gym, she didn't really like the gym much as I think it was all a bit big and loud for her, Edward loved skating and gym though.
After that Robert and I took the kids to Cosmo's which is an all you can eat buffet, it's amazing as it has foods from all over the world there, I think it's one of my favourite places to eat in Norwich as it's just really cheap and the food and service is always spot on.
After Cosmo we went and pottered around a few shops, I took some shoes that I had bought for Eppy back to Office as they were too small, Robert went and had a look round the Apple store and we had a quick look in the Build a Bear shop.
We then came home, relaxed for a bit and then Robert and I dropped the kids off round the inlaws and went to Tesco to get some pizza's and ice cream for Edward's birthday tea.
We then chilled out with the family and ate more food haha.

Edward is very excited about being five years old, he is constantly reminding us now, he's still my little baby though.

The next day my mother and I took the kids to the East Anglia Transport Museum in Lowestoft, it was a nice little place to visit, I had been meaning to take the kids for a while but it's not open every day so it has always been a bit difficult to work out when to go. The kids really enjoyed themselves I think, we go to ride on the trams and train, went to the gift shop, had a little bit of lunch (do not ever buy food from there if you ever go, it was an utter nightmare, you can find my review of it on Trip Advisor) so overall it was a nice little trip there, we got a season ticket so we can go back for free any time now during this season.

On Friday I went to the doctors as my back and my ankle have been causing me a few insane pain issues recently, so I'm now on diazepan which makes me feel stoned, I ended up laughing through Vikings, but on the plus side they make me sleep really well!

Saturday we did our weekly shop and then we took the kids to Yarmouth to the fair! At first the kids weren't really sure, it was loud with lots of music but once they started going on the rides they loved it! I got to go on the waltz's with Edward, I thought he was going to faint by the end of it haha, I also got to drive the bumper cars with Edward which was great fun. We had some chips and some doughnuts too, I would dare anyone to visit Yarmouth and not have chips off the market, that my friends is the Yarmouth experience.

Sunday we took the kids to Dunnwich, it is such a beautiful place, didn't seem like there was a lot there, but the forest was massive which we explored and the beach was lovely.
We then went to Costa for lunch after driving round everywhere from Dunnwich to Southwold to Beccles to try and find somewhere for lunch!
Skydi and co then came over in the evening.

So yes, we've been very busy.

Today I was supposed to be taking the kids to the Play Barn in Poringland but it was raining all morning, so I bundled the kids in the trailer and biked them to Bugs Play Cafe instead, figured we can go to the Play Barn sometime this week when it's not raining as then the kids can go on the tractors and donkey rides then (they don't do them there when it's raining.)

I have also been nominated for an award via Tots100 Mad Blog Awards, I doubt I will win as I'm now always active/writing but it is lovely to be nominated so thank you to those who have nominated me, it means a lot!

So yes, been super busy! Hope you have all been well!
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  1. Looks like you've had a fantastic time with all the fun, parties and adventures! Great photos too :) #bestandworst

  2. Ahh Happy Birthday little dude! Glad you all had fun. I did have to laugh at the wee incident - that happens here sometimes too! ;)

  3. You have been so busy! Happy birthday to your little man and hope he had fun! Well done on your blog award and I hope your ankle gets better. We love Vikings too. Enjoy the rest of the break and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  4. Happy Birthday to Edward! I just adore his long hair <3
    It looks like you guys really had a lot of fun, and I can only imagine organizing something like that would be exhausting. I'm sorry you've been dealing with some pain, and I hope you get the dosage right on your medicine so you can feel better without feeling silly haha! Thanks so much for sharing (: #anythinggoes

  5. What a great cake! Happy (belated) birthday :)

  6. Looks like lots of fun had by all! Glad he had good birthday! Congrats on the nomination! xxx

  7. Happy Birthday to Edward!

  8. Happy Birthday to Edward! It seems like you had a lot of fun. Good for you and your family! I hope you get well soon, concerning the pains you are experiencing. It's hard to be a busy mum and a blogger at the same time, but family always comes first! :)

  9. Happy birthday to your son. He is lovely. It really looks you had very nice days with your family, but i guess very tiring days too.

  10. Wow, such a busy fun packed birthday!! It is so hard when your baby turns 5 isn't it? Feels so old!! They will still be your baby at 50 through won't they? Thanks for linking up with us!! #bigpinklink

  11. Sounds like you've all had a brilliant time! Love the birthday cake :)
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

  12. Five is definitely a big birthday! Mine will always be my babies too. That cake is amazing! Thanks so much for joining us for #bloggerclubuk, hope you will be back again tomorrow! x


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