New Job, New Clubs & School

So I've been really busy recently, back in April I got promoted and moved to a different Tesco store to become a shift leader, sadly it didn't work out because my boss was a twat, so I left, it took me three weeks or so to find a new job which I now start on Sunday!
My new job is working a Travel Money Adviser at Debenhams, I originally went for a Christmas temp job, but I got a call asking to me work as permanent staff in that department, I'm really pleased about that, although it's not a department I would have chosen (clearly make up or toys would have been my first choices!) I've embraced this offer with open arms and I'm ready to give it a go!
I have my induction on Sunday and I have to travel to London to do some really heavy training on the 9th next month.

Eppy started school this September, she is the youngest and smallest in the school, but that hasn't made any difference to her, she turned 4 at the end of August and she can already write her name and has started bringing reading books home.
I wasn't quite sure on how well she'd cope with school but so far she has loved it, she has already had a week off though due to a really nasty chest infection (so bad we had a paramedic come out to her one night because she couldn't breath properly, I thought it was an asthma attack!) but aside from that blip she's been great, already friends with everyone and has a very cute close relationship with a boy haha (he even gave her a glittery rock, it was adorable.)

Edward now no longer does judo because of his autism he just couldn't concentrate on it for long enough, but he now does athletics club, running club and is still continuing with his swimming. He's fantastic at athletics and running because he doesn't have to focus too much on either and can just get on with it!
He's really enjoying being back at school too.
Recently Edward had his first blood test, he's now being monitored by a clinic to help assess his autism, he's getting lots of help at school with some extra time to do things, I feel like we have a long road ahead of us but he's doing so well at the moment, I'm really proud of him.

Eppy has joined a dance class and swimming lessons, she is also continuing with judo, she's doing great in all three.

Robert and I have been helping my mum, she's trying to move to Bungay to be closer to us (my nanny died this year so the sale of nanny's house will help her move), we've been doing lots of dump runs, sorting her yard out and getting wallpaper off the walls, it's a long process because her house is in such a bad state but we will get there. I imagine by the end of next year mum will be with us here in the countryside, the kids will love it and we'll all get to see her more.

Robert and I have also been to a few gigs lately, we've been to see the Goo Goo Dolls, Royal Blood and Lower than Atlantis, I got to meet LTA which was pretty cool, we have tickets for next year to go and see Evanescence and the Game of Thrones Concert, I'm pretty excited for those!

I had my hen night, that was pretty awesome, we did an escape room experience, went to all you can eat and then went out and got plastered, we all dressed up, the theme was espionage so I dressed up as the best spy ever - DANGERMOUSE! It was a great night, had many cocktails and was surrounded by good people.

It's been a mad few months really, we also all went on our familymoon, we only had 3 nights away but they were lovely.
Skydi and I also had a spa day recently at Dunston Hall, that was delightful.

I hope to be more active on here now, now both kids are in school I have more time to myself so I can finally get back into the zone.